About Arich infotech & cocubes


Arich infotech:

Arich Infotech is a private limited company founded by Mrs.Banusekar and Ms.Selvarani. They were offering courses on c,c++,java and administration related. If you have not get a chance to attend cts in college,then arich infotech will be helpful.You have to register at this company or contact them how to register.Then depending on their requirements and cts requirements you will get a chance to attend to cts,when you satisfy their conditions.At initially there will be no payments and you can attend cts.If you get selected in cts,then regarding about fees for training it will be clarified by them .So if you want to attend cts from outside of college,arich infotech will be helpful.


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Co cubes:

Co cubes is a campus hiring platform which work with colleges . CoCubes derives its origin from the first two alphabets of the three words- 'Connecting Colleges Companies.' A student able to login in here only if your college (or) placement cell in your college is registered with co cubes. Students have a chance to attend top companies with the help of co cubes.Still your college looking for a best way for placement ? Then tell about co cubes in your college and make an equal opportunity for your college friends to attend top companies.To know more, Gohere>>

Naukri 2000:

Naukri 2000 is an indian career website which brings employers ,consultants and job searchers together and you can search jobs in cities in various categories such as engineering ,manufacturing,networking ,administration and more.And also get the directories for consultants and IT companies .Kindly check each companies profile by visitng their website and also note the address.Here some of the companies and consultants have very less number of employees, so make sure about the companies background.You can also able to register in job-seekers page.


This will be helpful for india only and never give money ,if companies ask. .To know more,Go here>>

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