Bosch company was founded in the year 1886 by Robert Bosch which is initially called with the name  “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. Bosch name is called from the year 1937. Head quarter is at Gerlingen ,Germany.The industry type is automotive ,home appliances,power tools and more.

For job search ,Go here >>

If the link not works ,try the below procedures,
    • Goto bosch home page,(i.e)
    • At bottom of right side bar ,choose “Jobs and careers”.
    • In jobs and careers page,see left side bar choose “Advanced job search” and if you know perfect job code also choose "search by reference code".
    • It redirects to “Job search” and let start your job search.

Note:At present there is no job board for new user.Instead  we can apply for a particular job once and we can get log on datas by mail and can use it for future reference and changes.We can also search job from our respective country website.

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