Alcatel lucent
When we go back to history of alcatel-lucent, it is very big and interesting .

In the year 1869,Elisha Gray and Enos N. Barton formed Western Electric Company.
In the year 1898 French engineer Pierre Azaria formed CGE and in the year 1925 Bell Telephone Laboratories is created.
In the year 1928 Alsthom Atlantique is formed.In the year 1985Alsthom Atlantique changes its name to Alsthom.
CIT-Alcatel and Thomson telecommunication merged and named it as "Alcatel".
In the year 1989 AT&T Technologies later combine with Bell Labs to become Lucent Technologies.
In the year 1991 CGE changes its name to Alcatel Alsthom.In the year 1996 , Lucent Technologies launches its separation from AT&T .
And in the year 1998 Alcatel Alsthom is renamed Alcatel.

Finally,Alcatel and Lucent Technologies merged in the year 2006.Headquarter is at paris.The industry type is telecommunication equipments.


Home page

Career page

In the career page find signin and click it .Then select I acknowledge and proceed to create the job account in login acoount as a new user.


Keep in mind that profile has to be update with every 2years or it will be deleted from their system.
If the link not opens try the below procedures,
  • Goto Alcatel-lucent home page.At top of its tab select “About us” in its dropdownmenu choose careers.
  • In careers home page,on right side of dropdownlist select your country (or) any country because we just want to create an account in job portal.
  • In the job portal page find signin and click it .If same window appears once again click sign in.Then it opens login window.We choose as new user and we proceed to create the job account.

Why it is interesting to read about Alcatel lucent ?

Ok we see them .In the history Bell Telephone Laboratories was mentioned.The founder of Bell Telephone Laboratories was Alexander Graham Bell and named "Bell labs" to honour him.Where Bell Labs is Alcatel-Lucent's research & development organization.Bell labs invented wave nature of electrons,transistor,Reuse of radio frequencies among hexagonal "cells" which leads to cellular communications,Solar cell battery,laser, first orbiting communications satellite,Unix operating system, digital signal processor chip,long-haul lightwave transmission system and received noble prizes in most of their inventions.

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