American megatrends

American MegaTrends

Americanmegatrends was founded in the year 1985 by S. Shankar. Americanmegatrends popular in BIOS, Server Management, and Storage Innovations also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.American mega trends shortly called as “AMI”

Head quarter is at Atlanta.

The industry type is manufacture of hardware and software solutions in global computer marketplace.They are Computer hardware ,Diagnostic software,Remote access,Motherboards,Firmware,Storagesystem.AMI’s Aptio and UEFI firmware dvelopments are Aptio,AMIBIOS,StorTrends storage products,MegaRAC Backplane Controllers and Manageability Solutions.


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In American megatrends career page is available but not having job account .If requirements available in the career page and if it satisfies our conditions then we can send resume to this mail id

Job positions and required knowledge in AMI

In American megatrends ,there are many job positions available such as software engineer ,development engineer and more.The required knowledge in American mega trends are software programming in c,c++,pascal and strong knowledge in microprocessor ,microcontroller architecture,assembler programming.Then also be strong in BIOS related topics.

Apart from this some of the personal attributes also needed such as well developed communication skills – oral, written, listening. Good analytical skills and verbal communication also required.These type of skills also make an job oppportunity in account executive ,executive assistant. Mostly they took candidates from computer engineering ,electrical engineering and electronics engineering.Also they took degree business administration

Accomplishments of AMI technology industry

  • American megatrends were the first to build motherboards based on Intel® 386 and 486 processor platforms
  • Also AMI were the first to support USB in BIOS 

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