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The video itself tell all things about alstom history.Anyway the histroy of alstom given in text below
StarAlstom was initially was founded as alsthom in the year 1928 when SACM and CFTH.
StarThen in the year 1978 Alsthom made partnership with the Chantier’s de l’ atlantique and formed Alsthom Atlantique.Again in the year 1985, Alsthom Atlantique becomes Alsthom .
StarThen in the year 1989,GEC merges with Alsthom.CGE aquire alcatel in 1968 and regroups with alsthom in the year 1991 and changed name into Alcatel-Alsthom.
StarAlsthom become independent in the year 1998 and name changed into Alstom.

  Alstom industry type

The industry type is production of electricity and air quality control systems .And also on Power generation and transmission, transportation.
Alstom group headquarters is at france.Transport headquarters and Grid headquarters is also at france.Power headquarters is at switzerland .

Links to Alstom Company

Left hugHome Page
Career PageRight hug
Left hugHistory Page

Manual Search to Alstom Company

Mobile phoneGoto homepage of alstom company(i.e)
Mobile phoneIn home page,on topmost horizontal menu bar,click careers.
Mobile phoneIn careers page,click graduates.
Mobile phoneIn graduates page,on right side bar,click Apply now.
Mobile phoneThen in the new page click sign in,Then in the sign in page click New User(or)using gmail,yahoo account proceed to make a job account by uploading and other details.

Job positions in Alstom Company

Environment ,Health and Safety
General management
General Services/Utilities
Human resources
Information Technology
Maintenance and Post sale services
Product development
Production and Supply
Project Management
Research and development
Sales and Marketing

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