Beware of Fraudulent Notices

Beware fake jobs
Hi friends,Today I am going to tell about fake jobs and how to find it.I have also received some mails and advertisements.And in next post my personal experience will be shared.

How fake jobs  reaching  students?

Frauds may come anywhere.Some of them are 
Advertisements in Newspaper
In these mostly mails and next is newspaper.

How to find fake jobs?

The first thing we have to check the mail first.Because you can find easily whether it is true (or) not.
  • Especially For Indians:For example consider a website name of a multinational company is .
  • Consider You have created  job account in this company.And company finds you have met their requirements.
  • And so they will  send a mail  to you for interview.
  • The sender mail will be like this ,
  • The main thing is after “” .
  • But if it look like this,
                         (Especially for india)
                         . (Especially for india)
  • We should understand that it is not an original company mail and also all above mentioned mails are normal mail  only which are we using.
  • A multinational company always wish to be unique and different from other companies.For that they make custom email address with their own name.(i.e)

Logo to Find Fake Job

  • Next main thing see the logo if available.I have tried to give most of the company name with logos in my blog. Another thing I want to say the logo can be changed because of partnership or joint ventures and other reasons.
  • So,Keep an eye on logos frequently.
My personal experience on fake job in next post……..

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