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Important Concepts in Time and Work:
If (a person) able to do 1work in “n” days,
                then (a person   1day work)=[1/n].
If (a person 1day work )=[1/n],
               then(a person) finish the work in “n days” .

Explaining  Time and Work with example:
Consider kannan(a person) able to do 1work in 1 day.Then kannan able to finish 5works in 5 days.But if1 work in 5 days means it is 1/5 as per concept.
Consider kavi able to do half work(i.e 1/2)  in 1 day.Then kavi able to finish 1 work in 2 days.So kavi able to finish 5 works in 10 days.But   if 1 work in 10days means it is 1/10 as per concept.
Kannan Kavi
1st day = 1 work
2nd day = 1 work
3rd day= 1work
4th day= 1 work
5th day= 1 work
1st day = 1/2 work 6th day = 1/2 work
2nd day = 1/2work 7th day = 1/2 work
3rd day= 1/2work 8th day = 1/2 work
4th day= 1/2 work 9th day = 1/2 work
5th day= 1 /2work 10th day = 1/2 work
Total=5 works in 5 days Total=5 work in 10 days

Why I am mentioning the above ?
Note that if  the ability of a person ability is less to finish the work then the days to finish the work wiil be more.
Some tips on Time and Work:
Try to convert the days into (a person 1day work)=[1/n].It will be mostly needed step in maximum problems in this type.
Problem on Time and Work:
A and B together can complete a piece of work in 4 days.If A alone can complete the same work in 12 days,in how many days can B alone complete that work?
It was given that ,
A+B=4days ---------------------------------------------------------------->[Here and means +]
A=12days alone to  finish work
Therefore (A+B)one  day work------------------------------------------>[As given in concept]
W(A+B)       =1/4 ------------------------------------------------------------>[Workdone   by  A+B in 1day]
WA                =1/12----------------------------------------------------------->[Work done by   A alone in 1day]
W(A+B)  =    WA   + WB  
1/4         =     1/12 +WB
WB           =    1/4  _  1/12-------------------------------------------------->[Work done by B alone in 1day]
WB                 =1/6
Finally ,B alone can  complete the work in 6 days.

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