Job Preparation Tips by Aditya Birla

  •  Aditya Birla one of the Conglomerate Company give resume,group discussion and interview tips to get success in interview
  • Also adithya birla gives sample open questions for interviews
  • Aditya Birla Job Preparation Tips

          Resume Tips given by Aditya Birla

          • Resume should tell more information but with few words
          • Resume should be reader-friendly.Highlight important points in  bold.Don’t forget to give your achievements.
          • Be sure there is no grammatical mistakes
          • Be ready to answer all things what you have mentioned in hobbies and projects .If you failed to answer then chances to consider you are lack of interest in  hobby and project.
          • Get feedback from others about your resume.Chances to correct some mistakes.
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          Group discussion  tips by Aditya Birla

          • Stay Calm ,it’s also one of the main quality of a leader.
          • Talking more means not impressive.So talk what you know about with valuable points.
          • Reaching Consensus
          What is Consensus?
          Consensus is finalizing a  decision by a group of people which is most accepted by all
          So it’s important to consider other points.If you believe that your point is  correct,then try to explain in clear form.
          • If you get an opportunity to speak,utilize with valuable points.
          • Listen and also let others to express their point because it is necessary in team skills.
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          Interview Tips by Aditya Birla

          • Before attending interview ,collect informations about company
          • Be natural and be yourself.
          • Body language is more important .Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer shows your confidence.
          • Listen to the questions carefully and answer the questions.
          • Mock interviews helps to improve your interview skills.

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          1. Always use standard size fonts (Arial) for preparing resume. Remember it should be genuine and pleasing for interviewer.

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