My interview experience at CTS

Hi friends,here I would like to share my interview experience in CTS.Unfortunately I am not selected but it’s a nice experience for me.

Company name :Cognizant technology Solutions
Job position name:Mainframe system administration
Also see  information about CTS
  • I attended this interview in september 2011I got this opportunity with the help of arich infotech .First I have a group discussion at arich infotech  .The topic is about only government or people should be responsible for country welfare.I told my points and I have selected in that round  .Then after that I got mail from arich infotech to attend CTS.And I took printout of that as a proof and it’s a must  because they will check.
  • See about Arich infotech
  • Interview location is at CTS -MEPZ-Tambaram,Chennai .I prepared CTS company history because I thought that before attending to a company we should gather information about that company and their work.

What are the rounds in the interview?

  • Self  introduction and  Speech about any topic for five minutes.
  • Aptitude test
  • Technical round
  • And finally HR round
Before attending interview  I thought there will be aps round first,then group discussion and more.But not like that ,the first round was different
  • Nearly 15 members were called to sit in chairs.HR told there is no group discussion instead  of that choose a topic on your own  and have to talk for five mintes with self introduction.And gave 10 minutes to prepare .I choose cricket but i don't know what to say at that time.So I choose CTS history ,because i have already prepared with written points.I am the first person called to talk.I become nervous because i think as per order i will be at 7th or 8th position Relaxed myself for sometime and started to talk. At the end i was selected among 8 persons.

    Questions asked in Aptitude round

  • In this round ,aps mostly from verbal and non-verbal and i did'nt done well because all answers looks like correct  for me.At the end I am not selected.
  • Please took necessary documents otherwise chance to attend may be risk because of fake persons