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  • Techfetch formerly called as Corp-Corp is a job portal (USA based global technology)and also offers consulting,development and support services in IT fields
  • Eventhough techfetch is for Experienced Professionals it will be helpful when you become experienced candidate
post resume tecfetch

Vision of TechFetch

  • Creating a global tech workforce community and empower them with opportunities to deliver global technology solutions

Services by TechFetch

  • Integrated Talent Sourcing
  • Sub contractor Supply chain
  • Merger & Acquistion
  • Job posting and Resume access

Links to TechFetch

Reasons for sharing TechFetch

  • Techfetch is based on USA,but we have opportunity to work inUSA, Canada, UK, India, Middle East and Other countries.
  • And able to find more companies using this job portal which we have not yet seen in net.
  • Even if you have less experience and if a company looks new for you.Then keep on visiting that company website for further updates.At the same don’t forget to see the company profile.Because some of them are redirecting to other job websites like simply hired and placement india.And never give money if companies ask
  • Chance to work in foreign countries.And it also helps to observe their technology,working environment and more…

How to create account at TechFetch?

  • Visit the home page of and select the Candidate menu.
  • Choose Post Resume option. Here you can create your account.
“Don’t forget to upload resume” because it’s the important thing here

What are the job fields  focused by TechFetch?

  • Java
  • Dot Net
  • SAP
  • Admin,Networking
  • Dataware housing and more.

Click here for what are the specialized area given at TechFetch


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