Aspire System Interview Experience by Mahendran

Hi friends ,in this post mahendran shares his interview experience in Aspire systems .
  Aspire system interview experience

Company name and job position name :
  • Company name is Aspire Systems and the job position name is  Engineer Trainee
Location you have attended:
  • Chennai
“If you remember date and time also mention it
  • October 2012
How did you find the job and what are the eligibility?
  • BE- ECE,CSE,EEE,IT with well knowledge in C,C++ and Java. I Have found this job through my friend.
How many rounds and what type of tests were given?
  • There are 4 Rounds in the interview
1.Written (Include Aptitude and C programs)
2. Technical HR1:
3 .Technical HR2:
4.And finally ,Personal Hr round conducted.
If there is aptitude ,share
  • Yes.Aptitude include the Train , Work and profit ,loss .
If there is group discussion,share
  • NO group discussion conducted .
If you have attended technical round & HR round ,share
  • In the first technical HR round ,Staffs gave some C programs and asked me to solve .
    First technical HR round:
  • In this test,they  full and full asked only in Basic C programs.In this round they check your confident, and how you are solving that program and communication.(Have a look at this website which will be useful.)
    Second technical HR round:
  • Staffs asked c programs “in depth” ( ie,.. print your name in pascal triangle) and
  • 1
    1 2 1
    1 2 3 2 1
    1 2 1
    Like that programs…….
    HR round:
  • Yes,I attended the HR round.They just asked about my studies ,family ,projects and college life.
What’s your suggestion regarding , aptitude, group discussion, technical round & HR round,share
  • If you have well knowledge in C, definitely you will catch job in this company.
Any other information,regarding ,bringing documents ,travelling,job websites to search and for studying.
  • At that time if selected , need to submit  all the original document and they asked 2 Year Bond .