Senthilnathan Interview Experience at Softeon

Senthil interview experience
Company name and job position name:
  • Softeon
Location you have attended :
  • Chennai
If you remember date and time also mention it
  • 17th march 2012…(not exactly)
How did you find the job and what are the eligibility? 
  • Through job portal and B.E
    (CSE,ECE,IT),MCA with no standing arrears
How many rounds and what type of tests were given?
  • Aptitude,GD,personal HR
If there is aptitude ,share…..
  • Mostly quantitative and reasoning questions asked
If there is group discussion,share…..
  • Totally 5 members per group, among that they selected one . selection of GD is purely based on fluency and proper communication
If you have attended technical round & HR round ,share…..
  • In HR round they asked me to write some simple programs like finding prime number, matrix multiplication and asked about final year project and in personal HR asked about
    family background, college life,why didn’t you get a job for the past 8 months and last tell me about yourself that’s all
What's your suggestion regarding , aptitude, group discussion, technical round & HR round,share…..
  • All the rounds are genuine and really tough up to me
Any other information,regarding ,bringing documents ,travelling,job websites to search and for studying…..
  • For aptitude, and for technical e-books from internet.
                                                               with regards,
                                                                          senthil nathan.