Summly application created byYoung Student

Summly an iphone application(mobile news application ) created by Nick D’ Aloisio aged 18 years at present. Actually he started to code when he was 12 and launched summly in December 2011.
         Yahoo Acquired Summly

About Nick D’ Aloisio:

Nick D’ Aloisio was born in London. Nick D’ Aloisio created summly at his home in London when he was 15years old. Before summly Nick created an iphone application named ”Trimmit”.Trimmit got good response but it had some drawbacks.Nick collected the drawbacks of Trimmit and finally created Summly which overcome the trimmit application.

What is in Summly Application?

  • Summly which gives a short summary from an article.Reading article with 700 words in smartphones will be a boring one.Summly analyse the text and give the relevant and important points with less words.
  • In short and sweet like Summly,
               Summly is
                 “A tool to summarize news articles”.
  • The algorithm created for Summly using Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing.Summly partnered with SRI for this algorithm.

Achievements of Summly:

  • ·Summly was downloaded 200,000 times
  • ·Awarded “Application of the week” by Apple.

Yahoo acquired summly:

And in march 2013,Yahoo announced to acquire summly for 30 million dollars!!!.And also gave a job Nick to work in yahoo at London.

Check the below video to know more about Summly


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