AAI-Airport Authority of india

AAI-Airport Authority of india is an aviation sector industry in india started in the year 1995. Actually AAI formed by Act of Parliament. AAI performs design and development of international , domestic airports with a total of 125.Airport Authority of india is also a miniratna-category 1 enterprise. As per the 2013-2014 status aai organization took care of 16 crore plus passengers and it is increasing day by day. In india the establishment of international airports is available, where aai plays a vital for these process. Now international airports are available in the cities of Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Calicut , Chennai,  Guwahati, Jaipur , Kolkata , Trivandrum. AAI have ISO certified  airports,departments,regional headquarters.
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Airport Authority of india implemented systems:

1.Automatic  Dependence  Surveillance  System  (ADSS) -  Chennai and Calcutta airports
2.Performance  Based  Navigation  (PBN)                           -   Mumbai airport
3.Ground  Based Augmentation  System  (GBAS)              - Mumbai and Delhi airports
4.Advanced  Surface  Movement Guidance  and  Control  System  (ASMGCS)
5.CCTV surveillance system available at important airports.

AAI training centres:

There are four training centres at various places.
1.National Institute of Aviation Management and Research (NIAMAR) ­- Delhi
2.Civil Aviation Training College (CATC)                                                       -­ Allahabad
3.Fire Training Cent res (FTCs)                                                                         -Kolkata and (4) Delhi

Flight inspection units byAirport Authority of india:

AAI have the latest flight inspection unit which have capable to inspect,
ILS upto Cat­I I I

Important functions of Airport Authority of india

Cargo terminals are managed and developed by this organization only.
Visiual aid provision is also an important functions of this company.
Managing and controlling Indian airspace extending beyond territorial limits.
Runway, Taxway expansion and strengthening them.

Board memebers:

Airport Authority of india board members as per 2016,
Chairman-in-charge Profile                                    -                   S. Raheja

Ex-Officio Member                                                      -                M. Sathiyavathy(Director General of Civil Aviation

Part-time Members (Official)
1.Arun Kumar (Joint Secretary,  MCA)
2.Ms. Gargi Kaul (Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor, MCA )
Whole-time Members
S. Raheja Member [(Planning)]
S. Suresh Member [(Finance)]
Anuj Aggarwal [Member (HR) ]
A.K. Dutta  [Member (ANS) ]

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