Re-taking GMAT is an opportunity to Score well

You have taken the GMAT test, the marks are lying on a sheet of paper and are depressing. You feel that you did not secure the desired score. It’s time to turn the page of hopelessness because, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) offers you to take the GMAT test again to meet the maximum score requirement by the B-schools you shortlisted.
Review Your Quant, Verbal Score:
No one can teach you better than your gained experiences; the score is your actual mirror, and you know how well versed you’re and what are the laxness that lagged you behind. The moment you finish the test, your score displayed on the screen narrating the number of questions you have attempted, the number of questions answered correctly/ incorrectly.  The GMAT score range between 200-800 and the current mean is 574. And the verbal and quant score scaled on 0-60 and the average score are 28 and 40 respectively. Review your score, whether they have met the average score requirement or not. If not it’s time to retake the test.

Evaluate your AWA essays:
The AWA section of the GMAT demands to take your stand on the crucial topics or conclusion drawn on the basis of a study.  You have to write tactfully and should make a clear choice of favor or against. You are supposed to make strong points to support your answers. You should be very precise and conscious over choosing the right word. There should not be jargon of words. Your statements should be short and contain all the relevant facts which depict a clear vision of thinking capabilities.

Re-think about Integrated Reasoning questions:
The Integrated Reasoning (IR) section is brainstorming.  You have to be very fast in extracting the facts and converting them into answers of the questions asked. It needs a good practice of the questions as it makes you familiar with the questions and gives you a fair idea about the methods used in solving the questions.

Re-work on the weak nerves:
Re-taking the GMAT depends on the situation and the score requirement by the b-schools. It is not a bad idea if you think you can score much well as compared to the previous test,  then you should go for it. Now at this point, you’re well aware of your weak areas, so it is very necessary to work on those and make them strong. Take mock-tests at regular intervals. It will help you in estimating your performance.

Don’t over-think for re-taking the GMAT test; it is better to learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them.

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