How to Prepare for CAT Exam from Home?

CAT exam is a prerequisite for admissions in all the IIMs and many other top MBA colleges in India. Numerous MBA aspirants appear for the exam every year and only a few of them get into their preferred institute.

For CAT preparation, individuals either go for coaching or choose self-study. In this article, some of the tips are given that can help to prepare more effectively for CAT from home.

Know About the exam

The main thing one should know is the CAT eligibility , syllabus and the exam pattern in detail. One should strategize a timetable and assign proper time for various topics. It is important to cover all the important topics to be able to easily solve the CAT paper and score a high percentile.

Get Study Materials

There are a ton of study materials accessible in neighborhood stores online markets. Picking the correct examination material is a test and one should be prepared for it. Choose materials that are easy for you and covers all the CAT topics.

Online Mock test

The mock test score helps in self-analysis and will demonstrate to you the amount you have to study and which topics to focus upon. Give no less than two online mock tests in seven days. Note down your weak points and endeavor to dodge them in the next test.

Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers

Solving several sample papers helps to get acquainted with the different variations of questions. Also, solving previous year questions can help to understand the CAT exam pattern  and know the difficulty of questions asked in the exam.
These were some of the tips that can help CAT aspirants prepare for the exam more
effectively from their homes. Candidates can also check various online lessons to learn the
topics in a better way.
Candidates can check BYJU’S videos on CAT that are effective and explains the concepts in
an engaging way.

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