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Corp-Corp is a job portal site which is a USA based Global Technology.It is free for candidate to apply for jobs.They offer consulting,development and support services.It will be useful for jobs in IT fields.Create an account and get job postings. The jobs will be available as USA jobs and Global jobs.Just give your field in IT and your country and state and get the job informations. To know more,Go here>>

Useful job sites:

In internet already there are more and more job websites available.Some of them are very very useful. Note: This will be useful for india only. Here some of theuseful websites given below ,


Durga job is one of the wonderful website where you can able to get information as fresher jobs,walkins and also you can get government job details.Experienced professionals jobs also available here. Go here>>

Famous Interview question:

One of the famous interview questions in mnc's, why are manhole covers are round ?The reason is,For example if we take a box which have circular opening .Then if we try to put its circular lid inside the box it will not be possible.But the shape of square,rectangle and circle are not having these properties. And now a book came that in a name "why are manhole covers round" which was written by Charlie Mulraine.In these book ,it gives tips about how to prepare a biodata to look better,information about covering letter and what the company expects and how we have to prepare for an each company and more other informations regarding jobs.You can also buy this book from below.

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